Konrad Walus


2332 Main Mall

Vancouver BC, V6T 1Z4

phone: 6048275987
fax: 6048225949


University of Windsor, 2001, BASc
University of Calgary, 2005, PhD

Research Interests

Our research group is focusing on the applications of nanotechnology in electronic microdevices. We have expertise in the theory, numerical simulation, fabrication, and characterization of electronic devices. Our group is engineering materials, structures, devices, and complete systems for applications in computing, physical, biological, and chemical sensing. A large portion of our experimental research involves the application of printing methods, such as inkjet micropatterning for fabricating microdevices using functional organic and nano-composite based inks. Our theoretical and simulation research covers a broad range from quantum mechanical atomistic calculations to macro scale finite-element modelling. Specifically, we are interested in:
– Sensing devices based on polymers and nano-composites
– Sensing device fabrication using inkjet micropatterning
– Molecular quantum-dot cellular automata (QCA)
For an updated list of research activities see below or visit my research group website: [Here]


EECE 576 Semiconductor Theory for Device Applications
EECE 401 Nanotechnology in Electronics
EECE 405 Quantum Dots and Device Applications
EECE 202 Project Integrated Program II



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