Our research is funded by:

  • NSERC: Discovery Grants, Strategic Grants, Research Tools and Infrastructure, Special Research Opportunities
  • Canadian Foundation for Innovation
  • CIHR (cell transcription profiles)
  • U.S. Army (prostate cancer detection)

Research Grants:

Granting Agency Subject Investigators
UBC Martha Piper Fund Optimization of photosynthetic proteins and attachment to electrodes for conversion of light to electrical current J. T. Beatty, J. Madden
NSERC SRO Engineering of photosynthesis proteins & attachment to electrodes for conversion of solar light to electrical power J. T. Beatty, J. Madden
US Department of Defence Microfluidic Prostate Cancer Biosensors E. Lagally
NIH (USA) Single Cell Chemical Genetics Platform C. Hansen
CIHR Team Grant Microfluidic Technologies to Accellerate Stem Cell Research C. Hansen, et. al.
NSERC Strategic Project High-speed transistor-VCSELs for Optical L. Chrostowski, D. Plant, D. Pulfrey, N. Jaeger
MSFHR Career Investigator Award C. Hansen
MSFHR Team for Monitoring and Control of Abnormal Brain Dynamics M. McKeown, E. Cretu,
Semiconductor Research Corp. Combining Formal Analysis, Architectural Features, and Circuit Structures for Post-Silicon Debugging A. Hu, A. Ivanov, S. Wilton, T. Aamodt
NSERC Strategic Supercapacitors for Power Quality and Energy Storage J. Madden, MacLachlan, M. Wolf, Michal
NSERC Strategic Forward viewing Doppler optical coherence tomography with artificial muscle actuation V. Yang, J. Madden, G. Wright
NSERC Strategic Autonomous flow-following smart sensors for deployment of multiphase chemical reactors C. Bennington, S. Mirabbasi, M. Chiao, J. Madden
CIHR NSERC CHRP U-STAR: Universal Sequence-Tag Array Technology for Absolute Quantification of Per Cell Transcript Profiles in Eukaryotic Organisms C. Haynes, M. Blades, R. Turner, L. Chrostowski
NSERC I2I Low Voltage Organic Transistors J. Madden


Granting Agency Subject Investigators
NSERC Discovery Grant BioMEMS: on-chip cell culture and characterization; implantable flexible neural arrays K. Cheung
NSERC Discovery Grant Anti-biofouling nanoporous membrane for implantable devices M. Chiao
NSERC Discovery Grant Optical Injection Locking of Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers L. Chrostowski
NSERC Discovery Grant Synergic Inertial Microsystems for Bio-Medical Applications E. Cretu
NSERC Discovery Grant Microfluidic Tools for Structural Biology C. Hansen
NSERC Discovery Grant Infrastructure Intellectual Property (IP) for Systems on Chip (SoCs) A. Ivanov
NSERC Discovery Grant Novel optical sensors and ultrahigh-speed optical modulators N. Jaeger
NSERC Discovery Grant Microfluidics: “Parallel Microsystems for Affinity Reagent Selection/Evolution” E. Lagally
NSERC Discovery Grant High Power Polymer Actuators and Capacitors J. Madden
NSERC Discovery Grant Controllable nanoscale electron emitters A. Nojeh
NSERC Discovery Grant Deep sub-micron integrity issues D. Pulfrey
NSERC Discovery Grant Thermally responsive polymer solutions – flow physics of complex microflows and microflow control B. Stoeber
NSERC Discovery Grant Implantable Wireless Microdevices for Pinpoint Diagnosis and Therapy K. Takahata
NSERC Discovery Grant Multi-Modality Optical Imaging in Tissues Using Ultrafast Lasers S. Tang
NSERC Discovery Grant Quantum-dot Cellular Automata Circuits K. Walus