Graduate Program

Prospective Students

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Courses at UBC in areas related to MiNa:

  • EECE 584: Nanophotonics Fabrication
      Design, fabricate, and test a photonic integrated circuit (PIC) using silicon-on-insulator (SOI) technology. Modelling and design of optical components.
  • EECE 576: Semiconductor Theory for Device Applications
      A quantum mechanical treatment of the structure and electronic properties of semiconducting materials and electronic devices; including bandstructure, carrier transports mechanisms, quantum tunneling, and scattering.
  • CHBE 559M: Microfluidic Reactors
      Special topics course offered every other year about microfluidic transport phenomena, description and design of microfluidic systems using dimensionless parameters, and reaction kinetics at surfaces and under constrained degrees of freedom.
  • EECE 531: Nanoscale Modeling and Simulations
      The many-body problem, molecular dynamics, tight-binding, first-principles (ab-initio) methods, the Hartree-Fock approach, the density functional theory, nanoscale simulation software and applications.