Guangrui Xia

Frank Forward 213

6350 Stores Road

Vancouver BC, V6T 1Z4

phone: 6048220478
fax: 6048223619


Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MSc, PhD
Tsinghua University, BS

Group Members


Research Interests

Novel semiconductor materials: strained Si, SiGe and Ge;
Process physics: dopant diffusion, interdiffusion, implant and activation;
SiGe devices for electronic and optical applications, Si based optoelectronics;
Stress characterization, simulations and modeling for lattice-mismatched material systems;
III-V and Si integration;
Raman spectroscopy


MTRL 478 Electronic Materials
MTRL 465 Engineering Design II
MTRL 592 Advanced topics in Materials Engineering — Si VLSI technology fundamentals, practice and modeling
MTRL 466 Design Project