Alireza Nojeh


2332 Main Mall

Vancouver, V6T 1Z4

phone: 6048274346
fax: 6048225949


Sharif, BSc, MSc
Paris XI, DEA
Stanford, PhD

Research Interests

Going to the nanoscale and creating very small devices has the clear advantage of making ultra high device densities possible. But another main motivation, which is perhaps even more important than increased densities, is a vast pool of new phenomena such as quantum effects that appear at reduced sizes and dimensions, and therefore the opportunity to make new types of devices and implement new ideas. We work on exploiting these new possibilities that nanostructures have to offer and use them for innovative device applications. Our main focus is on devices and structures based on carbon nanotubes, but we also work on other nanomaterials such as gallium nitride and silicon oxide nanowires.

Our experimental work involves cleanroom nanofabrication, nanotube/nanowire growth, nanoimaging (SEM, AFM), building equipment, setting up electronic and optical measurement experiments and investigating nanodevice properties. On the theoretical side, we use techniques ranging from molecular dynamics to ab-initio methods and density functional theory in order to predict, understand and explain experimental results. Currently, we are actively pursuing projects in all the areas below.


EECE 201 Project Integrated Program I
EECE 251 Circuit Analysis I
EECE 375 Instrumentation and Design Laboratory
EECE 403 Micro/Nanofabrication and Instrumentation Laboratory
EECE 400 Engineering Project
EECE 531 Nanoscale Modeling and Simulations


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