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Ma, Minglei, Murray, Kyle, Ye, Mengyuan, Lin, Stephen, Wang, Yun, Lu, Zeqin, Yun, Han, Hu, Ricky, Jaeger, Nicolas AF, Chrostowski, Lukas, "Silicon Photonic Polarization Receiver with Automated Stabilization for Arbitrary Input Polarizations", CLEO: Science and Innovations: Optical Society of America, pp. STu4G--8, 2016  . Tagged XML BibTex
Hasitha Jayatilleka, Kyle Murray, Miguel Guillen, Michael Caverley, Ricky Hu, Nicolas A. F. Jaeger, Lukas Chrostowski, Sudip Shekhar, "Wavelength tuning and stabilization of microring-based filters using silicon in-resonator photoconductive heaters", Optics Express, vol. 23, issue 19, pp. 25084-25097, 09/2015. Tagged XML BibTex
Saleh, R., Wilton, S., Mirabbasi, S., Hu, A., Greenstreet, M., Lemieux, G., Pande, P.P., Grecu, C., Ivanov, A., "System-on-chip: reuse and integration", Proc. IEEE (USA), vol. 94, pp. 1050-69, jun. Abstract Tagged XML BibTex
B. Stoeber, C.-M. Hu, D. Liepmann, S. J. Muller, "Passive flow control in microdevices using thermally responsive polymer solutions", Physics of Fluids, vol. 18, issue 5: American Institute of Physics, pp. 9, 06/2006. Abstract Tagged XML BibTex