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Room: AMPEL 141

Home of Dr. Karen Cheung's group and Dr. Hong Ma's group

Microscopy facilities including epifluorescence microscope and confocal upgrade.
Microfabrication tools include the shared spinner for PDMS processing.

This laboratory also includes shared Biosafety Level 2-certified space for cell and tissue culture and shared fume hood space for chemical usage.

Room: AMPEL 146

Home of Dr. John Madden's group.

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Room: AMPEL 341

Home of Dr. Nick Jaeger's group.

Room: AMPEL 445

High resolution confocal micro-Raman system: LabRam HR by Horiba Scientific

High spectral resolution: 0.3 cm-1/pixel for 442 nm, 0.6 cm-1/pixel for 325 nm
Resolution after peak fitting: 0.03 cm-1 for 442 nm, 0.06 cm-1 for 325 nm
Si stress measurement resolution: 15 Mpa
Ge concentration measurement resolution: 0.05% Ge resolution
High spatial resolution: sub-μm laser spot size, 2D mapping capability
325nm and 442nm laser wavelength for thin film applications
Penetration depth: 5 nm and 0.24 μm respectively
Heating stage up to 1200°C, gas ambient OK
Heating rate up to 200°C/min

Our Raman works for carbon nanotubes,MEMS and III-V material systems
Fully operational now, and users are welcome!

Room: Frank Forward 205:

Research Objectives

  • Fabrication of novel miniature devices for biomedical applications and environmental monitoring
  • Development of new microflow control strategies
  • Investigation of complex fluids in microfluidic environments

Current Research Topics

  • MEMS for drug delivery
  • MEMS/protein interaction
  • Novel polymers for MEMS
  • MEMS-based power source
  • Microfluidics


View more equipment at the Nano fabrication facility at AMPEL.

  • Laser Doppler Vibrometer
  • MicroPIV
  • Optical Profiler
  • Inverted Fluorescence Microscope, Nikon
  • MEMS Pro
  • Probe Station, Signatone S-1160
  • Wire-bonder

Room: ICICS X027

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Room: KAISER 2214

  • Optoelectronics Research Lab (Chrostowski)
  • Student office space (Cheung, Chrostowski, Walus)


View more equipment at the Nano fabrication facility at AMPEL.

  • AFM Nanosurf Easy Scan 2
  • Critical Point Dryer
  • High Performance Computing Cluster
  • Microdrop Inkjey Micropatterning System
  • Vector Network Analyzer
  • 980 nm DFB Laser
  • Agilent DSO6034A 300MHz Oscilloscope
  • Centellax UA1L65VM 200kHz-65GHz High Power Amplifier Module
  • EDFA - Avanex
  • EDFA - Oprel
  • Edmund Optics, USB2 CMOS Camera
  • F20-UVX Thin-Film Measurement System
  • GPIB Interface (ICS)
  • GPIB Keithley USB
  • Printer Installation on Windows in 4060
  • HP 33120A 15Mhz Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator
  • HP 8168F Tunable Laser Source
  • ILX 5910B Temperature Controller
  • IPG Photonics EAU-2 2 WATT Laser EDFA
  • Keithley 2602 - Source-Measure System
  • Laser Diode Controller LDC501
  • Lock-in Amplifier SR810
  • Micro Drive ESA-CSA
  • MicronViewer 7290A-E
  • Motorized Linear Slide
  • New Focus 45GHz Optical Detector (950-1650 nm)
  • Newport 1830-C Optical Power Meter
  • Optical Power Meter - Agilent 8163A
  • Optical Spectrum Analyzer - ANDO AQ6315A
  • Optical Spectrum Analyzer - ANDO AQ6317B
  • Oriel Cornerstone 260 1/4m Monochromatator
  • Photodetector - Discovery Semiconductors DSC50
  • RF Cables, Adapters
  • RF Spectrum Analyzer - HP 70000 Modular (70900 LO)
  • RSoft LaserMod
  • Signal Generator - Agilent 83732B 10MHz-20GHz
  • TekPower 3645A DC Power Supply 0-36V/0-3A
  • Tektronix AWG2040 Arbitrary Waveform Generator
  • Temperature Controlled VCSEL Holder
  • Temperature Controlled VCSEL Holder from Thorlabs
  • Temperature Controller - Newport 3040
  • TREK 603 High-Voltage Power Amplifier/Piezo Driver
  • Tunable Laser - HP 8164A, 1456nm - 1583nm
  • u2t 50 GHz High Speed Optical Detector (1480-1620 nm)

Room: KAISER 4060

Home of the student offices for Professors E. Cretu, A. Nojeh, P. Servati, K. Takahata

Room: KAISER 3030

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Room: McLeod 332