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Lukas.Chrostowski's blog

Lukas Chrostowski Research Group meeting schedule

May 9 - Miguel - AFM
May 23 - Erick
June 6 - Sahba & Pouria - talk + CMBES practice
June 20 - Yiyi
July 4 - Brendan & Behnam - High-speed lasers
July 18 - Sunny
Sept 12 - Tania

MiNa Web features

New student registration:
- Faculty creates an invite (similar to The student clicks on the link in email, and is automatically assigned a role.

Research projects:
- can make password protected pages.

Front page:
- can have several front pages, randomly selected
- can have Slide shows.

MiNa theme

MiNa theme created by John Forsythe at


-php code

build front page, with blocks, columns:
custom blocks


Using Views to sort publications.
- created a view, with "Arguments" set to field_research_area_select, with * wildcard.