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Ye Zhu, Jiye Zhang, Hong Yu Li, Chuan Seng Tan and Guangrui (Maggie) Xia, "Study of Near-surface Stresses in Silicon around Through Silicon Vias at Elevated Temperatures by Raman spectroscopy and Simulations", IEEE Transactions on Device and Material Reliability, vol. 15, pp. 142-148, 06/2015. Abstract Tagged XML BibTex
Xingang Yu, Yu Xiang, Jesper Berggren, Thomas Zabel, M Hammar, N Akram, Wei Shi, Lukas Chrostowski, "Room-temperature operation of transistor vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser", Electronics Letters, vol. 49, issue 3: IET, pp. 208--210, 01/2013. Abstract Tagged XML BibTex
Zeqin Lu, Ming Zhao, PeiYuan Xie, Lin Wu, Yang Yu, Peng Zhang, Zhenyu Yang, "Reflection Properties of Metallic Helical Metamaterials", Journal of Lightwave Technology, vol. 30, issue 18, 09/2012. Abstract Tagged XML BibTex
Y.Q. Yu, A.M.D. Lee, H.Q. Wang, S. Tang, J.H. Zhao, H. Lui, H. Zeng, "Imaging-guided two-photon excitation-emission-matrix measurements of human skin tissues", Journal of Biomedical Optics, vol. 17, pp. Article No. 077004 (1-8), 07/2012. Tagged XML BibTex
Mansoor, H., Chen, K., Yu, Y., Zhao, J., Zeng, H., Chiao, M., "Histology-equivalent vertical optical sectioning using a 2-axis magnetic onfocal microscanner", Technical Digest of Solid-State Sensors and Actuators Workshop, Hilton Head, SC, USA, pp. 397-400, 2012  . Tagged XML BibTex
A.M.D. Lee, H.Q. Wang, Y.Q. Yu, S. Tang, J.H. Zhao, H. Lui, D.I. McLean, H. Zeng, "In vivo video rate multiphoton microscopy imaging of human skin", Optics Letters, vol. 36, pp. 2865-2867, 08/2011. Tagged XML BibTex
Chih-Hao Dai,Ting-Chang Chang, Ann-Kuo Chu, Yuan-Jui Kuo, Szu-Han Ho, Tien-Yu Hsieh, Wen-Hung Lo, Ching-En Chen, Jou-Miao Shih, Wan-Lin Chung, Bai-Shan Dai, Hua-Mao Chen, Guangrui Xia, Osbert Cheng, and Cheng Tung Huang, "Hot carrier effect on gate-induced drain leakage current in high-k/metal gate n-channel metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors", APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, vol. 99, pp. 012106, 07/2011. Tagged XML BibTex
Wei Shi, Behnam Faraji, Mark Greenberg, Jesper Berggren, Yu Xiang, Mattias Hammar, Michel Lestrade, Zhi-qiang Li, Simon Li, Lukas Chrostowski, "Design and modeling of a transistor vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser", Optical and Quantum Electronics (Invited), 03/2011. Abstract Tagged XML BibTex
Jie Yu, "Microfluidic Electrochemical Detection of Prostate Cancer using Telomerase Activity", Biomedical Engineering , Vancouver, BC, University of British Columbia, pp. 99, 2011  . Tagged XML BibTex
Mansoor, H., Zeng, H., Chen, K., Yu, Y., Zhao, J., Chiao, M., "Vertical optical sectioning using a magnetically driven confocal microscanner aimed for in vivo clinical imaging", Optics Express, vol. 19, no. 25, pp. 25161-25172, 2011  . Tagged XML BibTex
Miguel Guillen, Han Yun, Samantha Grist, Xu Wang, Wei Shi, Robert Boeck, Charlie Li, Jiali Yu, Nicolas A. F. Jaeger, Lukas Chrostowski, "SOI Nanophotonics Fabrication Course", Pacific Centre for Advanced Materials and Microstructures (PCAMM) Annual Meeting, 11/12/2010. Abstract Tagged XML BibTex
Wei Shi, Behnam Faraji, Mark Greenberg, Jesper Berggren, Yu Xiang, Mattias Hammar, Lukas Chrostowski, "Self-Consistent Modeling of a Transistor Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser", 10th International Conference on Numerical Simulation of Optoelectronic Devices, (Invited), 06/09/2010. Abstract Tagged XML BibTex
Y. Q. Yu, A. Lee, H. Q. Wang, J. H. Zhao, S. Tang, H. Lui, D. I. McLean, H. Zeng, "New multimodal multiphoton imaging and spectroscopy apparatus for dermatology", Photonics West; SPIE, vol. 7548, pp. Article No.75480N (1-3), 01/2010. Tagged XML BibTex
Samantha M. Grist, Jonas Flueckiger, Jiali Yu, Wei Shi, Karen C. Cheung, Lukas Chrostowski, "Silicon-on-insulator resonators integrated with PDMS microfluidic channels for applications in biosensing", Pacific Center for Advanced Materials and Microstructures (PCAMM) 15th Annual Meeting, 2010  . Tagged XML BibTex
Anquetil, P. A., Madden, J. D., Yu, Hsiao-Hua, Swager, Timothy M., Hunter, I. W., "Biologically inspired large contraction actuators", Handbook of Organic Electronics and Photonics, Los Angeles, American Scientific, 2007  . Tagged XML BibTex
Anquetil, P.A., Yu, Hsiao-hua, Madden, J.D., Swager, T.M., Hunter, I.W., "Recent advances in thiophene based molecular actuators", Proc. SPIE - Int. Soc. Opt. Eng. (USA), vol. 5051, San Diego, CA, USA, pp. 42 - 53, 2003  . Abstract Tagged XML BibTex
Anquetil, Patrick A., Yu, Hsiao-Hua, Madden, John D., Madden, Peter G., Swager, Timothy M., Hunter, Ian W., "Thiophene-based conducting polymer molecular actuators", Proceedings of SPIE Smart Structures and Materials, vol. 4695, pp. 424-434, 2002  . Tagged XML BibTex
Madden, P.G. and Madden, J.D. and Anquetil, P.A. and Yu, H. and Swager, T.M. and Hunter, I.W., "Conducting polymers as building blocks for biomimetic systems", Proc. 13th Symp. on Unmanned Untethered Submersible Technology, 2001  . Tagged XML BibTex