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Lab on a chip, micro total analysis systems

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We are developing integrated microfluidic systems for the rapid and high-efficiency selection of nucleic acid aptamers.
Electrokinetic methods for isolation, concentration, and purification of pathogenic bacteria from complex media. Fabrication of integrated microfluidics for front-end purification followed by genetic and immunological characterization.
DEP setup
The goal of this project is to design and construct a portable and cost effective magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) instrument that is capable of resolving features at microscale to image flow fields of complex fluids in capillary tubes.
Schematics of MRI for Flow Visualization Instrument
We develop a new mechanism for changing the architecture of microfluidic channels during device operation. Two co-streaming fluids are separated through a temporal wall using targeted gel formation inside a microfluidic channel. We derive explanations for this mechanism including scaling arguments for the wall thickness.