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High-Speed Transistor Microring Lasers


Mirco-ring lasers (MRLs) are compact semiconductor lasers, where the output light is coupled directly into a planar waveguide, making them suitable for monolithic integration with other optical components, and promising for optical communications and optical interconnects. We are integrating a heterojunction bipolar transistor (HBT) structure into the MRL, and designing for very high frequency modulation modulation (>40 GHz).

Project Description

This objective of the project is to develop a new optical source: the Transistor–Microring Laser (T-MRL). By integrating the hetero junction bipolar transistor (HBT) structure into the the Microring laser (MRL), we combine the advantages of high-speed operation (100s GHz) of the HBT with the photonic properties of the MRL. With a high direct-modulation bandwidth, compact size, low-power consumption, and suitability for photonic and electronic integration, T-MRLs will find many applications in optical communications, optical interconnects, super fast computation, and more.

The project is funded by the BC Innovation Council Innovation and Commercialization Strategic Development Program
It is a collaboration between Dr. Lukas Chrostowski (UBC), Dr. Z. Q. Li (Crosslight Inc.), Dr. Zigang Duan (Optoelectronics Institute of Shenzhen University), and Li Lei (Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology).
The materials will be grown in China, the device fabricated and tested at UBC, and subsequently used in an optical interconnect experiments in China.

We are interested in conducting experiments on semiconductor ring lasers with the optical injection locking technique [1].


  1. Lukas Chrostowski, Wei Shi, "High-Speed, Monolithically Injection-Locked Micro-Ring Semiconductor Lasers", IEEE Journal of Lightwave Technology, vol. 28, issue 19, pp. 3355--3362, 10/2008.

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Research Area(s)

    Photonics and Optics