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Spectral analysis through electromechanical coupling

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, Volume A85, Number Issues 1-3, p.23-32 (2000)



Accelerometer; MEMS; Spectral analysis


A general dynamic model for a momentum-actuated accelerometer is constructed,
where both differential and common-mode actuation voltages are considered.
The equivalent quasi-static model is applied to design a measurement
scheme for low-frequency accelerations. A more general method for
real-time spectral analysis of mechanical vibrations is presented,
which relies on a feedback loop based on capacitive sensing, on-chip
signal conditioning and electrostatic actuation. Both common- and
differential-mode voltages are used to tune the accelerometer spectral
characteristic, in order to extract the spectral component set by
the electrostatic actuation.


Sensors and Actuators A: Physical Volume 85, Issues 1-3 , 25 August 2000, Pages 23-32 E. Cretu, M. Bartek and R.F. Wolffenbuttel [2000] -_Spectral Analysis Through Electromechanical Coupling_, in Sensors and Actuators A, vol. A85, No 1-3, 25 Aug. 2000, pp. 23-32