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Silicon photonic grating-assisted, contra-directional couplers

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Journal Article


Opt. Express, OSA, Volume 21, Number 3, p.3633--3650 (2013)



Gratings; Phase shift; Integrated optics devices; Optical resonators; Optical switching devices


We demonstrate, in both theory and experiment, 4-port, electrically tunable photonic filters using silicon contra-directional couplers (contra-DCs) with uniform and phase-shifted waveguide Bragg gratings. Numerical analysis, including both intra- and inter-waveguide couplings, is performed using coupled-mode theory and the transfer-matrix method. The contra-DC devices were fabricated by a CMOS-photonics manufacturing foundry and are electrically tunable using free-carrier injection. A 4-port, grating-based photonic resonator has been obtained using the phase-shifted contra-DC, showing a resonant peak with a 3-dB bandwidth of 0.2 nm and an extinction ratio of 24 dB. These contra-DC devices enable on-chip integration of Bragg-grating-defined functions without using circulators and have great potential for applications such as wavelength-division multiplexing networks and optical signal processing.

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Photonics and Optics