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On the role and modeling of compressive strain in Si-Ge interdiffusion for SiGe heterostructures

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Journal Article


Semiconductor Science and Technology, Volume 29, p.11 (2014)

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The role of compressive strain on Si-Ge interdiffusion in epitaxial SiGe heterostructures was
systematically investigated both by experiments and by theoretical analysis. The Ge fraction
x Ge range (0.36–0.75) studied in this work extended to a wider Ge regime. With x-ray
diffraction and Raman spectroscopy measurements, it was demonstrated that the epitaxial SiGe
structures were kept pseudomorphic during the annealing. Complete theoretical analysis was
presented to address the strain impact on the interdiffusion driving force, the interdiffusivity
prefactor and the activation energy. The strain derivative of the interdiffusivity q, was shown
to be temperature dependent. q was quantitatively extracted from the experimental data in the
Ge content range (0.36–0.75) and the temperature range (720–880◦C), and is shown to have
the form of q = (− 0.081T + 110 ) eV/unit strain, where T is temperature in Kelvin.

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