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Properties of reactively-sputtered copper oxide thin films

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Thin Solid Films (Switzerland), Volume 61, Number 1, p.89 - 98 (1979)



copper compounds;electron diffraction examination of materials;electronic conduction in crystalline semiconductor thin films;reactively sputtered coatings;refractive index;semiconductor materials;semiconductor thin films;visible and ultraviolet spectra of


Reactive sputtering in oxygen-argon mixtures has been used to produce thin copper oxide films with a range of properties that can be controlled easily by varying the partial pressure of oxygen in the discharge. The properties of phase composition, resistivity and optical constants were investigated. The phases Cu+Cu2O, Cu2O, Cu2O+CuO, CuO were identified and each phase exhibited characteristic values of resistivity and optical constants. Cu2O prepared in this manner could be a useful thin film semiconductor material in view of its high refractive index in the visible range (n=2.8-3.4), its low value of extinction coefficient below 2.5 eV and readily controllable resistivity over the approximate range 25-104 Ωcm


phase composition;resistivity;optical constants;refractive index;extinction coefficient;Cu2O reactively sputtered films;electron diffraction;