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Power supply current monitoring techniques for testing PLLs

Publication Type:

Conference Paper


Proceedings. Sixth Asian Test Symposium (ATS'97) (Cat. No.97TB100205), IEEE Comput. Soc, Akita, Japan, p.366-71 (1997)



analogue integrated circuits; automatic testing; circuit analysis computing; electric current measurement; fault diagnosis; integrated circuit testing; mixed analogue-digital integrated circuits; Monte Carlo methods; phase locked loops


The effectiveness of current testing for digital IC's has led researchers to explore the possibility of extending this concept to testing analog blocks of mixed-signal ICs. Unfortunately, test techniques developed for commonly-studied analog blocks such as op-amps and filters do not apply to non-linear blocks such as phase-locked loops. This paper focuses on investigating the effectiveness of using an operating power supply current monitoring technique to detect potential faults in a phase-locked loop (PLL) circuit