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The photovoltaic properties of thin copper oxide films

Publication Type:

Conference Paper


Thirteenth IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference-1978, Washington, DC, USA, p.180 - 3 (1978)


copper compounds;p-n heterojunctions;photovoltaic effects;reactive sputtering;semiconductor thin films;solar cells;


Thin copper oxide films have been prepared by reactive sputtering in argon/oxygen atmospheres. The composition of the films depends on the oxygen partial pressure in the discharge. Films of a given composition show definite and distinct optical and resistive properties. These properties are evaluated from the standpoint of photovoltaic applications. Preliminary data on the performance of Cu2O/Si heterojunction solar cells is presented


photovoltaic properties;reactive sputtering;oxygen partial pressure;Cu2O/Si heterojunction solar cells;Cu2O thin films;