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A new method for estimating the electron concentration in the 2-dimensional electron gas in MODFETs

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Solid-State Electron. (UK), Volume 35, Number 12, p.1779 - 82 (1992)



carrier density;high electron mobility transistors;semiconductor device models;two-dimensional electron gas;WKB calculations;


By employing the WKB approximation to solve Schrodinger's equation and invoking a modified density of states function which allows a classical solution of Poisson's equation, a computationally efficient method for obtaining the bound-state electron concentration in the two-dimensional electron gas in MODFETs has been developed. The method gives results which agree very closely with those from the full, self-consistent, quantum-mechanical calculation


model;Schrodinger equation;Poisson equation;electron concentration;WKB approximation;density of states function;two-dimensional electron gas;MODFETs;AlGaAs-GaAs heterojunction region;