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A new method based on the superposition principle for the calculation of the two-dimensional potential in a buried-channel charge-coupled device

Publication Type:

Journal Article


IEEE Trans. Electron Devices (USA), Volume ED-31, Number 7, p.999 - 1001 (1984)


charge-coupled devices;electric potential;


A method for calculating analytically the two-dimensional potential profile in buried-channel charge-coupled device (BCCD) structures with zero gate separation is presented. The method is novel in that the superposition principle is used in all regions of the device in such a way that all boundary conditions are satisfied. It is also shown that one of the potentials used in the superposition, i.e. the one appearing in the homogeneous form of Poisson's equations, can be easily solved-for using conformal mapping


satisfied boundary conditions;CCD;buried-channel charge-coupled device;two-dimensional potential profile;zero gate separation;superposition principle;conformal mapping;