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New experimental evidence for minority-carrier reflection at negative-barrier MIS contacts

Publication Type:

Journal Article


IEEE Trans. Electron Devices (USA), Volume ED-29, Number 6, p.1018 - 21 (1982)


electron-hole recombination;magnesium;metal-insulator-semiconductor structures;minority carriers;silicon;silicon compounds;solar cells;


Experimental evidence for the minority-carrier reflecting properties of the negative-barrier MIS junction is presented. First, it is shown that a negative-barrier Mg-SiOx-n-Si back contact can be used to enhance the long-wavelength photoresponse of p+-n solar cells in the same manner as a diffused n+ backsurface field. Secondly, measurements of the effective surface-recombination velocity for an Mg-SiOx-nSi contact and for a diffused n-n+ high-low junction formed on an identical substrate are reported. Both junctions gave very low values of recombination velocity, on the order of 50 cm/s


minority-carrier reflection;negative-barrier MIS contacts;Mg-SiOx-n-Si back contact;long-wavelength photoresponse;p+-n solar cells;effective surface-recombination velocity;n-n+ high-low junction;