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New experimental evidence for minority-carrier MIS diodes

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Appl. Phys. Lett. (USA), Volume 34, Number 4, p.295 - 7 (1979)



aluminium;elemental semiconductors;metal-insulator-semiconductor structures;photodiodes;silicon;silicon compounds;


Measurements of short-circuit density Jsc and open-circuit photovoltage Voc have been made over a range of illumination levels at various temperatures for Al-SiOx-pSi MIS photodiodes. It is found that at high illumination levels the data satisfy the relation Jsc=J0exp(qVoc/kT), where J0 is a temperature-dependent constant. By examining the variation of J0 with temperature it is conclusively demonstrated that the dark current in these diodes is dominated by minority-carrier flow, confirming recent theoretical predictions


illumination levels;Al-SiOx-pSi MIS photodiodes;dark current;short circuit density;open circuit photovoltage;minority carrier flow;