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Narrow-band waveguide Bragg gratings on SOI wafers with CMOS-compatible fabrication process

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Journal Article


Optics Express, Volume 20, Issue 14, p.15547-15558 (2012)



We demonstrate the design, fabrication and measurement of integrated Bragg gratings in a compact single-mode silicon-on-insulator ridge waveguide. The gratings are realized by corrugating the sidewalls of the waveguide, either on the ridge or on the slab. The coupling coefficient is varied by changing the corrugation width which allows precise control of the bandwidth and has a high fabrication tolerance. The grating devices are fabricated using a CMOS-compatible process with 193 nm deep ultraviolet lithography. Spectral measurements show bandwidths as narrow as 0.4 nm, which are promising for on-chip applications that require narrow bandwidths such as WDM channel filters. We also present the die-to-die nonuniformity for the grating devices on the wafer, and our analysis shows that the Bragg wavelength deviation is mainly caused by the wafer thickness variation.

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Photonics and Optics