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MEMS-based sonoporation devices for intratumoral gene therapy

Publication Type:

Conference Paper


Solid-State Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems, 2005. Digest of Technical Papers. TRANSDUCERS '05. The 13th International Conference on, Volume 1, p.205--208 Vol. 1 (2005)


biomedical equipment; biomedical ultrasonics; cavitation; cellular biophysics; genetics; micromechanical devices; patient treatment; 0.75 mm; 1 cm; HUVEC; MEMS-based sonoporation devices; PC3; PZT plate; cavitation-induced sonoporation; cell transfection;


This paper presents a miniature device for intratumoral delivery of oligonucleotides (ASO). A PZT plate (1 cm/sup 2/ /spl times/ 0.75mm) is used to transfect cells using cavitation-induced sonoporation. Both human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVEC) and human prostate cancer cells (PC3) are investigated in vitro. Preliminary results show that after cavitation-induced sonoporation, the transfection rate for HUVEC increases by 10{\%} compared to controls (p<0.01). For PC3, the transfection rate increases by 7{\%} compared to controls (p<0.01).