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High-Dynamic Range Image Projection using an auxiliary MEMS mirror array

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Journal Article


Optics Express, Volume 16, Issue 10, p.7361-7368 (2008)



We introduce a new concept to improve the contrast and peak brightness of conventional data projectors. Our method provides a nonhomogenous light source by dynamically directing fractions of the light from the projector lamp before it reaches the display mechanism. This will supply more light to the areas that need it most, at the expense of the darker parts of the image. In effect, this method will produce a low resolution version of the image onto the image-forming element. To manipulate the light in this manner, we propose using an intermediate array of microelectromechanical system (MEMS) mirrors. By directing the light away from the dark parts earlier in the display chain, the amount of light that needs to be blocked will be reduced, thus decreasing the black level of the final image. Moreover, the ability to dynamically allocate more light to the bright parts of the image will allow for peak brightnesses higher than the average maximum brightness of display.

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Photonics and Optics