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Grating-coupled silicon microring resonators

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Journal Article


Applied Physics Letters, Volume 100, Issue 12, p.121118 - 121118-4 (2012)



We propose to integrate grating-assisted asymmetric couplers with microring resonators for selective resonance excitation and control of coupling efficiency. A grating-coupled microring add-drop filter is experimentally demonstrated using a silicon-on-insulator technology compatible with complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor processing. A dominant longitudinal mode with a side-mode suppression ratio of 8 dB has been obtained across a broad spectral range of over 130 nm. The selected mode shows an out-of-band-rejection ratio of 19 dB and a quality factor (Q) of 25 000. The concept of integrating grating-assisted couplers for mode selectivity can be applied to other microring-based devices for high-Q, single-mode operations.

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Faculty Member(s): 
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Photonics and Optics