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Full characterisation of pull-in in single-sided clamped beams

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, Volume Volume 110, Number Issues 1-3, p.301-309 (2004)



DC voltage reference; MEMS stability; Reproducibility; Pull-in


The most striking characteristic of the voltage-to-deflection curve
of an electrostatically actuated beam is pull-in. The actual value
of the pull-in voltage depends on: drive mode, temperature dependence
and dielectric charging related drift. These aspects have been analysed
using structures designed for a 9 V nominal pull-in voltage and fabricated
in a commercially available epipoly process. Single-sided clamped
beams have been used to avoid any influence of residual stress in
the beam on pull-in. Typical results are: less than 5% variation
of the pull-in voltage over a wafer, 0.17_1.9 V hysteresis depending
on drive mode, a ?1 mV/K TC and ?12 mV drift during the first 2 weeks
of operation.