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Experiments and modeling of Si-Ge interdiffusion with partial strain relaxation in epitaxial SiGe heterostructures

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Journal Article


ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology (2014)



Si-Ge interdiffusion and strain relaxation were studied in a metastable SiGe epitaxial structure. With Ge concentration profiling and
ex-situ strain analysis, it was shown that during thermal anneals, both Si-Ge interdiffusion and strain relaxation occurred. Furthermore,
the time evolutions of both strain relaxation and interdiffusion were characterized. It showed that during the ramp-up stage of thermal
anneals at higher temperatures (800◦C and 840◦C), the degree of relaxation, R, reached a “plateau”, while interdiffusion was
negligible. With the approximation that the R value is constant after the ramp-up stage, a quantitative interdiffusivity model was built
to account for both the effect of strain relaxation and the impact of the relaxation induced dislocations, which gave good agreement
with the experiment data.

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