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Electron quasi-Fermi level-Fermi level splitting at the base-emitter junction of AlGaAs/GaAs HBT's

Publication Type:

Journal Article


IEEE Trans. Electron Devices (USA), Volume 40, Number 6, p.1183 - 5 (1993)



aluminium compounds;Fermi level;gallium arsenide;heterojunction bipolar transistors;III-V semiconductors;semiconductor device models;


The amount of electron quasi-Fermi level splitting in the emitter-base junction of AlGaAs/GaAs single- and double-heterojunction bipolar transistors is computed. The degree of splitting is found to be generally small, and less pronounced in double-heterojunction devices. However, it is argued that the effect of the splitting on the current gain may be significant


AlGaAs-GaAs HBT;base-emitter junction;electron quasi-Fermi level splitting;double-heterojunction bipolar transistors;current gain;AlGaAs-GaAs single heterojunction bipolar transistor;