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Broadband silicon photonic directional coupler using asymmetric-waveguide based phase control

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Journal Article


Opt. Express, OSA, Volume 23, Issue 3, p.3795--3808 (2015)



Integrated optics devices; Waveguides


We design and demonstrate broadband directional couplers that use asymmetric-waveguide based phase control sections, on the silicon-on-insulator platform. Broadband directional couplers with various power splitting ratios, including 10%/90%, 20%/80%, 30%/70%, 40%/60% and 50%/50%, were realized for both transverse electric (TE) and transverse magnetic (TM) modes. Some of the devices exhitbit bandwidths in excess of 100 nm, and all in excess of 75 nm. The footprints of the TE mode couplers are 32 μm ×1.3 μm, or less, and those of the TM mode couplers are 13 μm ×1.3 μm, or less.

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Faculty Member(s): 
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Photonics and Optics