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Behavioural analysis of the pull-in dynamic transition

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Journal Article


(IOP) Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, Volume 14, Number 9, p.S37-S42 (2004)


A careful analysis of the dynamics of the pull-in displacement reveals
a metastable transient interval for devices with a Q factor lower
than 1.2. The duration of this metastable regime could be up to 20
ms for the structure used in this work, depending on the damping.
For typical device dimensions this regime dominates pull-in dynamics.
This paper explicitly focuses on the metastable regime. The results
of numerical simulations are confirmed with measurement results with
the purpose of providing a better understanding of the underlying
mechanisms. This may contribute to both improved actuator design
and enhanced sensitivity of pressure sensors and accelerometers operating
on pull-in time interval measurement. The sensitivity of the pull-in
time to external accelerations is 6 $\times$ 10$^{\−2}$ s/ms$^{\−2}$
(\∼0.6 ms mg$^{\−1}$) for current devices and can be increased
by design.


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