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Analytical Modeling of the Transistor Laser

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Journal Article


Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, Volume 15, Issue 3, p.594-603 (2009)



We derive analytic expressions for the small-signal modulation response of the transistor laser operating in the common-emitter and common-base configurations. We compare the performance (current gain and small-signal modulation bandwidth) of the transistor laser in these two modes of operation. The common-base operation results in a wide-band small-signal modulation response with the same relaxation oscillation limitations as conventional lasers. The common-base configuration shows a bandwidth enhancement due to a bandwidth equalization together with a suppression of the relaxation oscillations. A bandwidth of 48 GHz is predicted for a vertical cavity laser biased at 10I$_{th}$. Finally we show that the small-signal responses of the common-base and common-emitter can be approximated by a 3rd order transfer function.


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Photonics and Optics