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Multimodality structural and functional optical imaging


This project aims to develop a multimodality optical imaging system by integrating multiphoton microscopy (MPM) with optical coherence tomography (OCT). MPM is sensitive to cells and extracellular matrix, and OCT to structural interfaces and tissue layers. The system will acquire structural and functional imaging of tissues simultaneously.

Project Description

Each imaging modality has strengths and limitations. For example, OCT can image layered tissue structures for up to a few millimeters deep. However, OCT lacks the molecular and biochemical specificity. MPM is capable of cellular imaging with high biochemical specificity. However, the field-of-view of MPM is limited to a few hundred microns. By integrating OCT and MPM into a multimodal system, the advantages of OCT on large area tissue imaging and that of MPM on cellular imaging with molecular specificity can be harvested from a single platform. This unique platform will be able to perform both tissue level and cellular level imaging which are crucial for early cancer detection.

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