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Magnetically Driven Micro Confocal Imaging System


The objective of this project is to design and construct a confocal imaging engine using MOEMS technology and to couple this with Raman Spectroscopy system in order to form a handheld device with dual complementary capabilities: cellular-level resolved confocal skin imaging combined with accurate and precise Raman spectroscopy of specific subsurface skin microstructures in vivo.

Project Description

Most of the current depth resolved RS devices are based on point measurements with non-scanning confocal probes. Spectral signals obtained by such probes are from within a well-defined depth inside the tissue, but without the guidance of subsurface imaging it is not possible to precisely know which microstructures are sampled within that tissue depth. In this project, a magnetically actuated MEMS device will be used for tissue surface and depth scanning. The proposed device will use a single laser for both confocal imaging and spectral measurements and will have capability of performing region of interest (ROI) scanning.

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