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Frank Forward 205 - Xia Lab

High resolution confocal micro-Raman system: LabRam HR by Horiba Scientific

High spectral resolution: 0.3 cm-1/pixel for 442 nm, 0.6 cm-1/pixel for 325 nm
Resolution after peak fitting: 0.03 cm-1 for 442 nm, 0.06 cm-1 for 325 nm
Si stress measurement resolution: 15 Mpa
Ge concentration measurement resolution: 0.05% Ge resolution
High spatial resolution: sub-μm laser spot size, 2D mapping capability
325nm and 442nm laser wavelength for thin film applications
Penetration depth: 5 nm and 0.24 μm respectively
Heating stage up to 1200°C, gas ambient OK
Heating rate up to 200°C/min

Our Raman works for carbon nanotubes,MEMS and III-V material systems
Fully operational now, and users are welcome!

Please see lab pictures here: