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Vector Network Analyzer

Agilent E8361A vector network analyzer (up to 67 GHz) is a member of the PNA Series network analyzer platform and provides the combination of speed and precision for the demanding needs of today's high frequency, high-performance component test requirements.

Key Specifications:

  • 94 dB of dynamic range and <0.006 dB trace noise. (Specified to 67 GHz, with operation to 70 GHz)
  • <26 usec/point measurement speed, 32 channels, 16,001 points
  • TRL/LRM calibration, on-wafer, in-fixture, waveguide, and antenna.measurements
  • Mixer conversion loss, return loss, isolation, and absolute group delay
  • Amplifier gain compression, harmonic, IMD, and pulsed-RF


  • E8361A Microwave vector network analyzer, 10MHz to 67GHz
  • 1.85 mm, V connectors (male).
  • E8361A-014 Configurable test set
    Allows one to by-pass the coupler, and connect directly the receiver.
    Note: *** Use "connector savers" when connecting to female connector ***.
  • E8361A-080 Frequency offset *maybe soon

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Support Phone #: Call Center 1-877-894-4414

Sales Rep: Steve Hall

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