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High Performance Computing Cluster

This HPC cluster is intended for numerical simulation and modeling projects. The cluster consists of 20 Dell PowerEdge 1950 servers with two 2.66GHz quad core Xeon processors, and between 8 and 16GB of RAM each. There are an additional 12 IBM x346 servers with 3.2GHz Pentium4 HT processors, and 4GB of RAM each. Two IBM x306 servers act as license managers and schedulers, as well as store all user files in a 900GB RAID5 array. The nodes are connected together via Gigabit ethernet and a PowerConnect 6248 switch.

The cluster includes the following software:
- Lumerical
- Gromacs
- Comsol
- Matlab
- QCADesigner
- Atomistix ATK & VNL
- Gaussian

For more information regarding this cluster and to get access please contact the principle investigator: Konrad Walus konradw "at" ece dot ubc dot ca.

Further Details (MiNa members only): 

Accessing ECE files:
this will mount your ECE files on to the cluster (on schroedinger only):
mkdir GROUP
sudo mount -t cifs //fs6/lukasc GROUP -o uid=lukasc -o user=lukasc