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AFM Nanosurf Easy Scan 2

*** Reservations & Billing ***

The Nanosurf EasyScan2 AFM/STM is a modular Atomic Force /Scanning Tunneling Microscope system, capable of performing nanometer-scale measurements in air. The AFM module can be used with both solid and liquid samples.

The vertical and horizontal resolutions for the STM module are in the order of 3 pm and 15 pm, respectively, while the AFM module has vertical and horizontal resolutions of 0.21 nm and 1.1 nm, respectively.

This equipment belongs to the Electrical and Computer Engineering Micro/Nano option. As such, its primary purpose is the education of Micro/Nano option students. However, it is also available for use by researchers. The user fee is $50/hour.

Currently, there are several trained users on the system. To keep the user base limited and manageable, faculty members are asked to streamline their usage through their group members who have already been trained as much as possible.

For more information and training, please contact one of the super users listed below.

Further Details (MiNa members only): 

If you wish to become a user of this equipment, or even if you just want to make one-time use of it, please contact a superuser to set up an appointment.