%0 Conference Paper %B Commission of the European Communities, 2nd E.C. Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference %D 1979 %T New experimental evidence for minority carrier MIS diodes %A Tarr, N G %A Pulfrey, D L %C Berlin, West Germany %K aluminium;elemental semiconductors;metal-insulator-semiconductor devices;minority carriers;photodiodes;photovoltaic cells;silicon;silicon compounds; %P 58 - 64 %X Measurements of short-circuit current density Jsc and open-circuit photovoltage Voc have been made over a range of illumination levels at various temperatures for AlSiOx-Si MIS photodiodes. It is found that at high illumination levels the data satisfy the relation Jsc=Joexp(qVoc/kT) where Jo is a temperature-dependent constant. By examining the variation of Jo with temperature it is conclusively demonstrated that the dark current in these diodes is dominated by minority carrier flow, confirming recent theoretical predictions %Z minority carrier MIS diodes;current density;photovoltage;illumination levels;AlSiOx-Si MIS photodiodes;dark current;minority carrier flow;photodiodes;photovoltaic cells; %9 inproceedings