%0 Journal Article %J J. Electrochem. Soc. (USA) %D 1977 %T Kinetics of plasma anodization of aluminium %A Propp, M %A Young, L %A Pulfrey, D L %A Olive, G %K aluminium;anodisation; %P 891 - 7 %V 124 %X The anodization of evaporated aluminium films in a d-c oxygen plasma has been studied using in situ automated ellipsometry to determine film thickness D. The aim was to investigate whether plasma anodization is analogous to solution anodization. Films were grown at constant total anodic current IA, only a small part of which corresponded to film growth. The ionic current density J1 corresponding to growth was calculated from dD/dt using Faraday's law. Plots of the sample potential V vs. thickness D were linear at each constant total current. The slopes dV/dD were taken a measure of the electric field E in the oxide. The electronic current density Je through the oxide could be represented by Je=Je0 exp CE1/2 where Je0 varied between runs. The data indicated an ionic current density J1 which decreased with increasing thickness %Z plasma anodization;ellipsometry;film thickness;ionic current density;electronic current density;Al;DC O2 plasma; %9 article