%0 Conference Paper %B Conference Record of the Sixteenth IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference - 1982 %D 1982 %T A non-adulterating method for the measurement of minority carrier diffusion length in silicon %A Camporese, D S %A Tarr, N G %A Pulfrey, D L %C San Diego, CA, USA %K carrier lifetime;elemental semiconductors;minority carriers;silicon; %P 1249 - 51 %X A new method of measuring the minority carrier diffusion length in bulk silicon has been developed. The method uses basewidth-modulation in bipolar transistor structures which are simply formed by employing induced, rather than diffused, junctions. The induced junctions are created by positive barrier MIS contacts, and this is the major new feature %Z nonadulterating method;Si;elemental semiconductor;minority carrier diffusion length measurement;basewidth-modulation;bipolar transistor structures;positive barrier MIS contacts; %9 inproceedings