%0 Conference Paper %B Fifteenth IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference - 1981 %D 1981 %T Induced back surface field and MISIM solar cells on pSi substrates %A Tarr, N G %A Pulfrey, D L %A Iles, P A %C Kissimmee, FL, USA %K elemental semiconductors;metal-insulator-semiconductor structures;minority carriers;silicon;solar cells; %P 1409 - 11 %X Describes the use of Pt-SiOx MIS contacts to form negative barrier, minority carrier reflecting junctions to p-type silicon. It is shown that solar cells utilizing these junctions as back contacts can yield open-circuit voltages comparable to those obtained in cells fabricated on identical substrates, but furnished with diffused junction back surface fields. This effect has been observed in solar cells which have either a diffused front junction (N+PIM cells) or a min MIS front junction (MISIM cells). The negative barrier contact has also been found to increase the infrared photocurrent response %Z p-Si substrates;elemental semiconductor;MISIM solar cells;Pt-SiOx MIS contacts;negative barrier;minority carrier reflecting junctions;open-circuit voltages;diffused junction back surface fields; %9 inproceedings