%0 Journal Article %J J. Microelectromech. Syst. (USA) %D 2004 %T A planar approach for manufacturing cardiac stents: design, fabrication, and mechanical evaluation %A Takahata, K %A Gianchandani, Y B %K biomedical materials,cardiology,micromachining,prosthetics,stainless steel %P 933-9 %U http://dx.doi.org/10.1109/JMEMS.2004.838357 %V 13 %X A new approach that uses planar batch manufacturing technologies is presented for the design and fabrication of coronary artery stents. Stent samples with different wall patterns have been fabricated from 50-?m-thick stainless steel foil using microelectrodischarge machining. Stents have been expanded to tubular shapes by using angioplasty balloons, both inside mock arteries and without external confinement (i.e., free-standing). Free-standing stents exhibit diameter variations of