%0 Conference Paper %B Proceedings. International Test Conference 2004 (IEEE Cat. No.04CH37586) %D 2004 %T Jitter models and measurement methods for high-speed serial interconnects %A Kuo, A %A Farahmand, T %A Ou, N %A Tabatabaei, S %A Ivanov, A %C Charlotte, NC, USA %I IEEE %K crosstalk,data communication,error statistics,jitter,probability,telecommunication links %P 1295-302 %X Jitter can be decomposed into several subcomponents, each having specific sets of characteristics and root-causes. This paper focuses on describing causes and measurement methods of jitter subcomponents. We first describe the relationship between a jitter PDF and bit error rate (BER) followed by a discussion on what causes jitter. Common jitter measurement methods are presented, along with an analysis of their respective advantages and disadvantages. Our recent research on the cause and practical measurement results and design issues of bounded uncorrelated jitter (BUJ), a subcomponent of jitter, due to crosstalk, is also presented %9 inproceedings