%0 Conference Paper %B 1992 IEEE International Conference on Selected Topics in Wireless Communications. Conference Proceedings (Cat. No.92TH0462-2) %D 1992 %T Design framework for a mobile data link protocol %A Kallel, S %A Leung, V C M %A Ivanov, A %C Vancouver, BC, Canada %I IEEE %K convolutional codes,data communication systems,mobile radio systems,packet switching,protocols %P 44-7 %U http://dx.doi.org/10.1109/ICWC.1992.200709 %X Presents the framework for the design of an efficient mobile data link protocol (MDLP) employing adaptive incremental redundancy (AIR) ARQ. The service provided by the MDLP to the upper protocol layer includes connection oriented and acknowledged connectionless options. The different functions of the MDLP required to support these services options are specified. An overview of the AIR ARQ scheme is given. The physical layer model for mobile data applications is specified for the purpose of quantifying the performance of the MDLP. The objective is to implement the MDLP using ASIC VLSI technology %9 inproceedings