%0 Journal Article %J J. Electron. Test., Theory Appl. (Netherlands) %D 2000 %T Catastrophic short and open fault detection in bipolar CML circuits: a case study %A Ivanov, A %A Devdas, V %K bipolar logic circuits,current-mode logic,fault location,integrated circuit testing,logic testing %P 631-4 %U http://dx.doi.org/10.1023/A:1008325420970 %V 16 %X The detection of catastrophic short and open faults in bipolar current mode logic (CML) circuits is studied. The non-intrusive tests considered include functional (logic) tests, an Idd test, and a common-mode test. A 622 Mbps SONET SIPO (Serial-In/Parallel-Out) and a PISO (Parallel-In/Serial-Out) circuit form the basis of this case study %8 dec %9 article