%0 Journal Article %J Sensors and Actuators A: Physical %D 1998 %T A local bus for multi-chip-module-based microinstrumentation systems %A Correia, J H %A Cretu, E %A Bartek, M %A Wolffenbuttel, R F %K Instrumentation microsystems; Internal bus interfaces; Integrated smart sensor bus protocol %P 460-465 %U http://www.sciencedirect.com/science?_ob=ArticleURL&_udi=B6THG-3V7HY91-1H&_coverDate=06%2F15%2F1998&_alid=187344855&_rdoc=1&_fmt=&_orig=search&_qd=1&_cdi=5282&_sort=d&view=c&_acct=C000050221&_version=1&_urlVersion=0&_userid=10&md5=3301de9f9c744393ff4268b4 %V A68 %X A local smart sensor bus is described which is designed for use in a multi-chip-composed microinstrumentation system. The bus is capable of handling information in digital code, bitstream, analog voltage, and frequency or duty cycle modulation and also provides calibration facilities, service-request and interrupt-request modes. The resulting sensor bus interface has been implemented in a 1.6 um CMOS process and successfully tested in a local sensor network. %Z alternative name: A Local Bus for MCM-Based Microinstrumentation Systems Sensors and Actuators A: Physical Volume 68, Issues 1-3 , 15 June 1998, Pages 460-465 (ISSN 0924-4247) %8 15 June %9 article