%0 Journal Article %J (IEEE) Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement %D 2003 %T Stability of a micromechanical pull-in voltage reference %A Rocha, L A %A Cretu, E %A Wolffenbuttel, R F %K Young's modulus circuit stability integrated circuit design measurement uncertainty micromechanical devices reference circuits thermal expansion 100 micron 11 micron 3 micron 9.1 V Young's modulus measurement uncertainty microbeams micromechanical p %P 457-460 %U http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/search/srchabstract.jsp?arnumber=1202073&isnumber=27069&punumber=19&k2dockey=1202073 %V 52 %X The reproducibility over temperature and time of the pull-in voltage of micromechanical structures has been analyzed and verified using fabricated devices in silicon. The pull-in structures are intended for use as an on-chip voltage reference. Microbeams of 100-/spl mu/m length, 3-/spl mu/m width, and 11-/spl mu/m thickness are electrostatically actuated with a very reproducible pull-in voltage at 9.1 V. Devices demonstrated an initial drift of -12 mV over 10 days and stabilized within the 500-/spl mu/V measurement uncertainty. The measured temperature coefficient of -1 mV/K is in good agreement with the analysis and is due to the combined effect of thermal expansion and the temperature dependence of the Young's modulus in silicon. %8 April %9 article