%0 Journal Article %J arXiv %D 2016 %T Monolithic Integration of AlGaAs Distributed Bragg Reflectors on Virtual Ge Substrates via Aspect Ratio Trapping %A Lin, Yiheng %A Shi, Wei %A Li, Jizhong %A Chang, Ting-Chang %A Park, Ji-Soo %A Hydrick, Jennifer %A Duan, Zigang %A Greenberg, Mark %A Fiorenza, James %A Chrostowski, Lukas %A Xia, Guangrui %U http://arxiv.org/abs/1601.04108 %X High quality Al x Ga 1-x As distributed Bragg reflectors (DBRs) were grown on on-axis (100) Si substrates via the aspect ratio trapping (ART) technique and intermediate Ge and GaAs buffer layers. The Ge/Si ART-based DBRs have reflectivity spectra comparable to those grown on conventional bulk offcut GaAs substrates and have smooth morphology. High-resolution X-ray diffraction shows that the residual stress and crystal quality of the Ge films depend on ART oxide trench patterns. Transmission electron microscopy images reveal good periodicity and uniformity. These results are very encouraging for the subsequent growth of vertical cavity surface emitting lasers on these substrates, and also confirm that virtual Ge substrates via ART technique are effective Si platforms for optoelectronic integrated circuits. %8 01/2016