%0 Journal Article %J Optics Letters %D 2014 %T On-chip programmable ultra-wideband microwave photonic phase shifter and true time delay unit %A Burla, Maurizio %A Cortes, Luis Romero %A Li, Ming %A Wang, Xu %A Chrostowski, Lukas %A , Jose Azana %I OSA %K Phase shift; Continuous optical signal processing ; Integrated optics devices; Bragg reflectors; Microwaves %P 6181--6184 %U http://ol.osa.org/abstract.cfm?URI=ol-39-21-6181 %V 39 %X We proposed and experimentally demonstrated an ultra-broadband on-chip microwave photonic processor that can operate both as RF phase shifter (PS) and true-time-delay (TTD) line, with continuous tuning. The processor is based on a silicon dual-phase-shifted waveguide Bragg grating (DPS-WBG) realized with a CMOS compatible process. We experimentally demonstrated the generation of delay up to 19.4\&\#xA0;ps over 10\&\#xA0;GHz instantaneous bandwidth and a phase shift of approximately 160\&\#xB0; over the bandwidth 22\&\#x2013;29\&\#xA0;GHz. The available RF measurement setup ultimately limits the phase shifting demonstration as the device is capable of providing up to 300\&\#xB0; phase shift for RF frequencies over a record bandwidth approaching 1\&\#xA0;THz. %8 11/2014 %9 article