%0 Journal Article %J Opt. Express %D 2013 %T Ultra-compact, flat-top demultiplexer using anti-reflection contra-directional couplers for CWDM networks on silicon %A Shi, Wei %A Yun, Han %A Lin, Charlie %A Greenberg, Mark %A Wang, Xu %A Wang, Yun %A Fard, Sahba Talebi %A Flueckiger, Jonas %A Jaeger, Nicolas %A , Lukas Chrostowski %I OSA %K Gratings; Integrated optics devices; Waveguides; Wavelength filtering devices %P 6733--6738 %U http://www.opticsexpress.org/abstract.cfm?URI=oe-21-6-6733 %V 21 %X Wavelength-division-multiplexing (WDM) networks with wide channel grids and bandwidths are promising for low-cost, low-power optical interconnects. Wide-bandwidth, single-band (i.e., no free-spectral range) add-drop filters have been developed on silicon using anti-reflection contra-directional couplers with out-of-phase Bragg gratings. Using such filter components, we demonstrate a 4-channel, coarse-WDM demultiplexer with flat passbands of up to 13 nm and an ultra-compact size of 1.2 \&\#x000D7; 10\&\#x02212;3 mm2. %8 03/2013 %9 article